• Machine Shop

    Lathe and Mill work, Surface Grinding and Broaching Keyways, etc

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  • "Onsite" Services

    Line-boring, Portable Keyway Cutting, Drilling, Tapping and Honing.

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    All services can be provided on an emergency basis.

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What we do

  • Machine Shop Services

    Lathe work including Metric Threading, Mill work, Broaching Keyways(inch and metric), Gear Repair, Spline Cutting, Surface Grinding, etc.

  • "Onsite" Services

    Line-boring, Portable Keyway Cutting, Drilling, Tapping, Honing, Welding and Hydraulic Porta-Power Equipment

  • Welding

    TIG, MIG, and Stick, Fabrication, Weldments, Onsite repairs, etc

  • Fully Insured and hold the OSHA "10 Hour Card"
  • Emergency Repair Services

About us

Services Rendered

Our specialty is maintenance support and "reverse engineering". We can assist you in your machine repair and build new or repair your damaged and worn-out parts. We have over 25 years of experience to put to work for you.

Our work routinely includes making new and repairing all kinds of machine parts. We make "new" parts engineered from your old parts(Significant cost savings compared to OEM),bronze bearings(including full splits) as well as shaft and roller repairs. We build and repair metric parts. We also perform machine repairs and provide maintenance support. Whether it is engineering and managing large projects or simply supplying an extra set of hands we fulfil your needs.

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